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Gorgas Renovation
Aug 20, 2006

Here is the front of the house, with all the junk we pulled out of it to start fixing it up

Here is another front shot, as you can see on the right we are next to an abandoned road, which our neighbor sometimes uses for parking.

This is the side yard, you can see the addition sticking out at the back, it contains the kitchen and a small bedroom.

The view of the street in fron of the house, The brick road is narrow, so much of the curb is yellow, making people possesive of parking spots.

This view shows our two big pine trees, and the neigbrs down the hill.

This is a view of just our double wide lot,, the house is small. but the yard is large.

Our porch is currently littered with demolition debris, it's in decent shape on its own

Here is the living room, we tore out all the carpet in the house, and plan on refinishing the original flooring.

The last owner had ugly \"wood\" panelling in the north wall, we removed it, and it appers he just barried the previous wall under foam, and wall board.

Here are the stairs from the livingroom, the door to the diningroom is sealed due to serious demolition.

Here just above the living room is the master bedroom, which has LOTS of paint and nasty lenolium, which we are in the process of removing.

This shot of the master bedroom, shows the small doorless closet which is the only perminent feature of the room.

here we have a view of our bedroom, this is a view from inside the closet.

our bedroom, window, the wall just needs a little plaster, and the floor needs serious sanding.

The upstairs bathroom, I pulled the backing off the shower to get to the plumbing, since the pipes had burst in a dozen places.

The house fom the back, the addition is the single story and the mudroom below the stairs, as well as a small section of basement.

Here is a look at the side yard from the garden area, facing east

here is a view towards the garden area facing west

entrance to the mudroom, where we store tools out of the rain.

view of basement from mudroom.

Just inside the basement, the laundry room and the \"pittsburgh shower\" where the man of the house would have to bathe after returning home from the mills, so that his wife would allow him in the civilized part of the house.

Stairs up to the dining room, and the doors to the \"coal cellers\" where the coal was once stored to heat the house. Also on the left the remnants of an old, possibly prohibition era bar, in the early sage of demolition.

Oposite the shower in the basement a simmilar fixture the \"pittsbutgh toilet\"

Stars to the closet off the dining room from the basement.

Kitchen, post removal of counter. view from rear porch door.

kitchen view towards back door.

The gaping hole in the diningroom ceiling, just bellow the up stairs bathroom. This is where many of the water pipes burst. This hole was hidden above paper-board ceiling tiles, we did not see it untill we tore them down to fix the pipes.

Diningroom with the ceiling tiles and north wallboard removed. Sealed doorway to living room

Door to basemen stairs from diningroom.